House and property demand in Sri Lanka

As more people are moving to Colombo and other business hubs in Sri Lanka to find employment, finding shelter for them is a growing problem.

For the property developers and for the house rental market, this turns into a massive opportunity as the employee population grows in the cities, more housing is needed to provide comfortable and affordable housing for them.

Also, since more village folk moving to cities are a growing trend, they tend to sell their village properties to pay for apartments in the city. 

According to their monthly income, city banks have aligned to provide loans for them to settle in middle-class apartments with relative ease.

So, this trend now provides more resident lands and houses in villages for the property buyer both local and overseas.

In this scenario, the availability of new city apartments and houses and lands in villages are providing property investors more options to invest for the mid-term.  has a strong network spread islanwide collecting all new lands/houses/apartments etc., entering our growing property market in Sri Lanka.

The range is quite promising as investments now range from Rs. 6.5 million to 45 million.

Apart from this, apartment developers offer discounts on group purchases of apartments to pay off their bank loans fast.

This too is a new investment opportunity which has a higher rate of price appreciation.

So, if you want to make a handsome profit in 3-5 years, this is the segment to invest now.

The cost of construction has gone up drastically therefore this too has put the pricing up on all lands apartments and houses in general.

Industry sources tell us that this too is a trend that will continue for the next 20 years at least.

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