Beaches in the paradise island

Highly sought after by the tourism industry, Sri Lankan beaches provide everything from coral reefs to surfing and just lazy long stretches of left alone powder white beaches to relax and gather your restless soul.

From the east coast to the west coast the beach life of Sri Lanka caters to a wide audience of sun worshippers aged between teens to elderly.

They are all caught up with the island charms of luscious nature, friendly people and exquisite cuisine.

Ceylon Property Hub is present in the most sought after beach-lands of Sri Lanka gathering information on newly opening up properties and lands to cater to our European investors.

As Sri Lanka is frequently featured in the Lonely Planet and other famous travel guides for best beach holiday experiences, investing in lands/hotels and restaurants to find top dollar is a smart move with our guidance.

Buyers can choose according to their budget from a wide menu showcased on our website.

Alternately, we can hunt for new properties to match your specific requirement.

Tourism industry ranks high in the top 5 foreign income segments of Sri Lanka and beachfront properties and lands are easily resold for a better margin within 3-5 years.

So, talk to us on our hotline to find that perfect beachfront land or property in the Paradise Island.

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